The university is great at collaboration

Published: 2 December 2015

Luleå University ranks seventh in the country in terms of cooperation with business under the authority Vinnova. Based on the evaluation, the university 2.9 million kronor for further development of operations.

- It is a good rating but we can do even better, our ambition is to maintain our strong position. The university constantly working systematically to establish partnerships with important large companies from all over the world but also with small businesses from across the region. We cooperate with local business units to create long-term relationships with small and medium enterprises where companies migrate together with the University in a collaborative staircase with an increasing range of joint activities, says Conny Hökfors, business contact for LTU.

Twenty-seven colleges and universities have been allocated for performance and quality of their interaction with other parts of society. Luleå University of Technology, whose collaboration is hosted by the university's Business, received the highest rating, 3 of 3, and only six universities out of 27 placed before the university under the authority Vinnova's evaluation.

- The reason is that such cooperation builds on the companies' own challenge or problem, and we meet with the joint activities that provide the basis for a strategic plan and long-term cooperation between the company and the university. The researchers see this as a very important activity that creates great gain for both business and academia. Collaboration makes a significant contribution to both the economy and development of the university, says Conny Hökfors, business contact for LTU.

Justification for additional funding reads: "The University has sent a dossier that describes an elaborate, realistic and clear strategy with good connection to the entire organization. The strategy is firmly established and regularly followed up with clear criteria. Implementation of the strategy is considered good and the university has developed indicators for monitoring the interaction of the individual as well as group level ... "

Vinnova conducting the next test round in 2016 and then examines the interaction activities and results which include the involvement and results with external parties.