Success for theme day about digital marketing

Published: 2 February 2016

Many came when the international lecturer Professor Niklas Myhr and PR agency Helikopter Brand Design lectured on digital marketing at the University of Music in Piteå. Everything from business owners, professionals and students wanted to understand how to improve their social media presence.

Niklas Myhr, Piteåbo and now teacher at Chapman University in California, is considered one of America's most knowledgeable people in terms of digital marketing in social media. In connection with the SM-week in Piteå, he gave a lecture in which 150 people participated on how to promote themselves in the digital media. The event was organized by Helicopter Brand Design and LTU Business AB which was called Sell i't - Say i't.

Many who do not use technology

Despite the fact that digital technology existed for many years, emphasizes Niklas Myhr that many people still do not utilize the potential of the technology involved.

- If someone ten years ago been asked if they wanted a free tool to see what customers think and say about her business as most had answered yes. But now that the tools available are still many who do not dare take the plunge, he says.

Although he talks about many proven methods for success he highlighted the importance of daring to experiment.

- Take the test! Do not take yourselves so seriously, says Niklas Myhr.

"Listen more and talk less"

One of the most popular methods of marketing right now is content marketing, advertising based on participation and build their content based on customer needs. Ella Jonsson and Lars Huring helicopter Brand Design, told more.

- It is not easy to reach through the noise of the day. It is important to put the customer first, to listen more than we talk. In short, it is about planning, implementing and analyzing says Ella Jonsson, communications strategist at Helikopter Brand Design.

They stressed the importance of quality, vision and storytelling. Ella Jonsson is the author and may itself relate to this.

- It's about finding content that takes hold of one, to find the stories that you want to spread further, she says.

Present were many from the local business community, among others, Anna Ahlqvist, Marketing Manager from Nyhléns Hugosons.

- I'm here to learn. We have not worked as much with social media before, and it feels like that's where we need to be to continue to reach our customers, says Anna Ahlqvist.