Do you want to shape the future of Norrbotten?

Get the knowledge, networks and a mentor to get ready to grow and develop. We want to strengthen Norrbotten leaders and are looking for someone who is passionate about the development of the region.

Are you one of our new future leaders?

We are looking for leaders who want to develop, dare to take new grips and try methods that help organizations grow and develop the region. We provide a platform that allows you to influence your own role, increase your organization's competitiveness and develop the region. Lectures and workshops mainly in the form of internat with overnight stay, approximately 12 days distributed over a year.

Many professions

Latitude 66 is a program aimed at executives no matter what sector you are in. It may be the mining sector, research, media, healthcare, space travel, management, experiences, tourism, art or music - it's your ability to engage and lead, not the industry you seem within which is important. You should be resident or active in the county. You have great driving power and like to hold a leading position in your organization. With leading positions, we mean that you can influence your own role, your organization and thus the future of the region.

Mentorship and Networking

Top-level mentors from business leaders, artistic leaders and public management executives operating nationally or internationally. They will provide guidance to the future leader of the program for at least one year. Perhaps the biggest lessons learned from this program will be from your mentor. It is therefore important that you already, before you search, consider what needs you have as a leader. What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? A mentor should contribute knowledge, experience and be able to act as door opener based on your needs.

The networks you receive through your mentor, the lecturers you meet and the work with your group creates a broad platform for the future that inspires innovation and a developed network where you dare to go from word to action. In addition, you become part of the network with all future executives who have undergone the program earlier.

Experience from participants in the Latitude program

Here you can find out what some previous participants have for experience of participating in the Latitude 66 program, click here.