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Demola - drive innovation with co-creation

Published: 3 November 2016

Your most powerful asset could be outside of your own organization. That is why Demola provides access to an international network full of talent, enthusiasm and fresh ideas ready to tackle your challenges with you.

What you get

  • Work together with a multidisciplinary student teams
  • Pave the way for your company to take larger innovation leaps
  • Meet young and creative talents and possible new recruits
  • If you like it, you keep it. The option to license the final results if, and only if, you find the results valuable and Useful for your company.

What we do

All procedures and processes, roles and goals are clearly defined and the teams are guided by our experienced facilitators. Together with our partners, we have created and validated an IPR. That model has been designed to meet the legal requirements of global corporations.

"Our world is changing though, we want to meet the student, Those we call digital natives. They find new applications Because They see the world in a different way."
- Ronald Ingman, Director, Ericsson

Case Autumn 2017

  • GAME:IN - Expanding the market for an innovative e-sport center
  • THE BREWERS CHALLENGE - How can we reach a higher degree of automation in the beer brewery process
  • DITWIN - How to more efficiently communicate the value of Industry 4.0 to reach new customers
  • SKYLITE - Finding, packaging and marketing new business opportunities that will expand current market or create a new market segment
  • NEAVA - Finding new applications and concepts for Augmented Reality services and products.

Case Spring 2017

  • BNEARIT - Att skapa en bättre förståelse för kundernas behov och att designa ett system som är mer effektivt på att ta emot dem.
  • Q NAVIGATOR AB - Hitta och utveckla nya applikationer med hjälp av en patenterade teknik som har stark marknadspotential.
  • TIKKA RACE SWEDEN - Undersök eventuella nya applikationer för befintlig teknik samt förstå behovet från olika kundsegment och marknader.
  • SMART RECYCLING - Utforska hur man utvecklar sin smarta återvinningsplattform ytterligare - antingen i den nuvarande målmarknaden eller i ett helt nytt sammanhang.
  • GRÖNBO - Hur man skapar socialt, ekologiskt och ekonomiskt hållbara stadsdelar i en arktisk miljö.

For more information and questions:

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Mattias Bergström,

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Demola is financed by: LTU Business AB, The EU's Regional Development Fund, County Administrative Board of Norrbotten, Norrbotten County Council, Längmanska Företagarfonden and Luleå University of Technology