Efficient Workshops

Methods leading to real results in your business development. Develop new products and services or to find new markets and customer groups with your common knowledge.

We offer you effective methods that are suitable for use in the early phases of product, services and organizational development. Through a focused process used your resources smartly to create benefit. Our methods can also be used at times when you want to collaborate with other organizations to achieve a common goal.

Your company must:

  • An effective process for developing new concepts and solutions
  • Consensus and inclusion which all participants considered as experts and influence the outcome
  • Focus on reaching the goal
  • Access to premises designed for innovation and development

How it works:

At the first meeting we identify your needs together and we propose an approach to meet your challenge. The format of the workshop is planned for one or more occasions, ranging from four hours to several days. We can hold the workshop with you or use our premises at Luleå University that is created for workshops.

For more information or questions:

Mattias Bergström

Mattias Bergström,

Organisation: LTU Business AB, External