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Innovation Due diligence ®

Today we are leaders in Sweden to identify the market potential of innovations at an early stage. Let us find out if you should invest time and resources in your new service or product.

LTU Business has a proven method for identifying the potential of early innovations, their focus market and viable strategies for how to succeed in a market establishment. This method is called Innovation Due Diligence ®.

The method is built on the basis of many years of expertise in which we annually conduct over 150 analyses sprung from the latest research at Luleå University of Technology as well as major research institutes and multi-national companies in Europe.

Your company will get

  • An Idea Review via a standardized and critically examining metod that describes the current state of your innovation
  • A complete mapping, testing and prioritization of potential target markets
  • Full commercialization strategy and a consolidated with a recommendation for the next step forward

Take your first step

Alongside you we start the process by discussing your needs and at what depth we will analyze the innovation potential of your product or service.

Contact for more questions

Pär Johansson

Pär Johansson,

Phone: 070-2089875
Organisation: LTU Business AB, External