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LTU Business Growth Academy

Published: 12 September 2019

Take a new grip on your organization and future with the LTU Business Growth Academy.

Today, a CEO's role is multifaceted and requires a lot of responsibility - often, strategic work is suffering because of the operational work. It makes it difficult to get a clear grasp of what ensures long-term growth and create profitability. Stress makes decisions based on stomach feeling instead of analysis. With LTU Business Growth Academy you get tools that change the situation.

"Growth Academy was perfect - not too profound but just as much as you need to be able to immerse yourself more.

You will learn

LTU Business Growth Academy has the main focus in strategy - how should strategic decisions be taken and what should they base? We discuss tools that analyze your company's conditions, results, and challenges and tools for an external analysis of the market, competitors, customers, and trends. The analysis is translated into strategic initiatives and plans.

Customers and sales
How should the chosen strategy influence the work with customers and sales? Customer segmentation, pricing models and market plans are discussed in the second part of the education.

Control and follow-up
The last part focuses on how control and follow-up in one company enables the strategy to be met and create long-term growth.

You also get the opportunity to discuss challenges and solve tasks with other CEOs / managers who are in the same seat as you.

"Best was the method of putting a vision. We've done it several times before, but now I got a simple and great tool "


The training is held on five occasions during the autumn of the evening - three hours per occasion.

LTU Business Growth Academy