10:00 11 Apr
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LTU Business Innovation Academy

11 Apr. 2019, 10:00 - 16:00

Renewal of products and services is the very heart of a company's ability to adapt to market changes. It also places great demands on the organization's ability to develop and to navigate right among all possibilities. LTU Business Innovation Academy helps you develop your organization to handle the ever-increasing pace of change in the world.

Renewal is often characterized by great change and innovation, but also uncertainty and a difficulty in choosing the path. It is quite natural but often leads to resistance and discomfort internally. It also means that the change takes time and that one's business becomes inefficient - but that does not have to be. Learn to transform the perceived chaos and uncertainty into a force that leads to better products and services while increasing your company's innovative culture.

"Change is the only constant - Heraclitus"

Structured method

Our method is based on research and our expertise and specialist expertise and is used by today's innovative companies so that they can handle the market's high rate of change.

  • Innovation is a social activity
    Solving important problems is best done with the help of creativity in a group. Creativity can sound abstract but with the right tools and processes, any organization can become innovative.
  • Get concrete work tools
    Discover new and practical working methods to increase your organization's innovative capabilities. We give you work tools that give you the opportunity to work with early phases of innovation that at the same time create good arguments for the management and your colleagues.
  • Listen and learn from other participants
    You are not alone in your challenges. Make room for internal discussions with other participants where you discuss common challenges and needs and perhaps solve them together.

You will learn this:

  • You will learn how to apply a range of innovation tools that focus on creating value and solving problems. By starting from the user's needs, new concepts are created that are validated in the future market.
  • After completing the program, you will be able to drive innovation processes in any type of organization.
  • You will gain an understanding of how to build an organization that supports innovative processes from a strategic and long-term perspective.
  • Understand the theory and practice of innovation processes, market validate ideas at an early stage, ensure the long-term survival of ideas.
  • Understand the market by conducting a new type of dialogue with your future and existing customers.

Work with four thematic areas

We will meet on four occasions and then you will work with:

  1. The innovative organization
    Explore innovation concepts and methods, different types of processes and how to combine these for best results. Understand what it means to be an innovative organization, what you can do to understand the outside world, where your organization stands today. We will also review foresighting methods that will teach you to analyze the outside world and future trends.
  2. Then you understand the customer and the problem you are going to solve
    Talk to the customer and find the unexplored opportunities. Have you asked the right question? Here you will question, explore and analyze the problem in a way that is solution-independent. Your focus will be on needs inventory and to understand the customer or customer's customer.
  3. Then you create ideas and test them
    Learn to facilitate creative processes that capture the strength of working in groups that reach beyond obvious ideas. Learn to generate new ideas and create early concepts. Learn to use early prototypes to communicate the core of the concept.
  4. Find and choose the best ideas for the future
    Design the value offer and learn to communicate the value offer by pitching. You can also analyze the business value and make decisions about moving on with ideas.


Program Leader

Mattias Bergström

Mattias Bergström,

Phone: 070-6777626
Organisation: LTU Business AB, External