Avancerad produktionsdesign

Advanced Production Design

Does your company have a desire to change your production in any way then this course provides an opportunity to get help with this from a group of engineering students in technical design that is at the end of their training.

The overall aim of the course is for students to develop their skills and abilities in the field of development of production systems. A mission in this area is carried out by a group of 3-4 students, and the company can provide data to multiple groups.

The missions often involve changes in production and management where the project is to use the study as a basis for deciding on further investigation where the next step is planning.

The course builds on the scientific foundation in engineering sciences, with the main points of departure in theories of work sciences, industrial manufacturing, logistics, economy and industrial planning.

What results can you, as a company, expect:

Participating companies can expect learning about their own activities with the students and propose solutions and recommended action plan for further own work. Final delivery is a written report and an oral presentation.

The study / report should serve as a good basis to start from in the event planning. This means that once elaborate proposals for partial solutions for some reason not been developed it should instead be well designed specifications that can be used in a project. In a pre-planning is well designed specifications are as important as proposals for concrete solutions. Many times specifications important when the design work is carried out.

To accurately specify what the project work shall cover can not be done in advance because the content will be adapted to the specific problems of the company. During the first phase defines the assignment of students and clients in common. It can be modified during the work.

How the cooperation works:

Teachers and companies investigate whether it is possible to formulate an appropriate mission. Students and company then responds to further define the mission. Teachers supervise students in the work, conducted at the University of Lulea. Students gather information on the location of the company and through other contact with the company. Our approach means that it is common for students to make observations and interviews at the company, and often some form of creative exercise with the staff of the company. The mission concluded with a written report and oral presentation at the university and at the company when it is desirable.

What is required of you as a company:

  1. A task that can be fleshed out and has real significance for the company.
  2. Working to provide students with relevant information.
  3. Contribution to travel from Luleå to now it is up to date with more than three visits.

Examples of results from previous rounds of the course:

Many previous projects involving changes in the production of participating companies, such as:

  • Expansion of production, more production on the same area or to meet the same production in less space, opportunities to transfer production to other facilities, renovations
  • Streamline changes, the layout for efficient production
  • 5S in the work, methods for continuous improvement
  • Develop improved production flows, develop a more visual workplace
  • Investment in production equipment