Advanced product design

In this course, your company has the opportunity to work with a group of engineering students in engineering design in a product development project

Students at the end of his engineering degree in Industrial Design Engineering conducts this course a product development project for a company. The mission extends from requirement analysis and functional analysis to the design and documentation.


What results can you, as a company, expect:

Innovative ideas and solutions in product development. Final delivery is presentation materials (and oral presentation on the company if desired) and a project report that shows the end result.


Guidelines for a cooperation:

A project brief, an idea of ​​the challenge students to work with, be developed by the company with guidance from the course coordinators. These 'briefs' presented to the students who choose their projects at the beginning of the fall semester.

The student group will then in several stages during the project work to develop a proposal for product development.


What is required of you as a company:

An idea about what should be done without locking the assignment of specific solutions and time to assist the student group with the necessary information.


Examples of results from the previous rounds of the course:

The course has been for very many rounds and there is a lot of results to show.

An example from the course the spring semester 2016 is the development of a new cab concept for Nyberg's Mechanical Workshop. Kenth Mukka, construction manager at the NMV, reflections to participate in the course: "The result is above expectations, it will be a product, and in 2017 so customers will get a cabin with this appearance."