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Energy Technology

Prospective engineers in sustainable energy technologies can help your company with an energy-related challenge

Does your company have a challenge related to energy of some kind so you have the chance to get help with this by engineering students at the program Sustainable Energy Technology in the course of Energy main course. The students read their last semester before graduation work and their task of course is to find sustainable technology solutions to the energy challenges of companies that are similar to the challenges they will face as engineers finished. They may use all the knowledge they have accumulated during their education.

What results can you, as a company, expect:

The course works with the student group to solve a problem relating to energy and deliverables is a written report and an oral presentation, and in some cases an engineered prototype / product / service. Satisfaction with the quality of the result of previously participating companies has been very high, but the right level of expectations discussed with the course coordinator before the start of the course to ensure that participating companies will be satisfied by the conditions there.  

The company also during the course access to a discussion partner of a supervisor from the university. These professors and lecturers will guide the student group but is also included on the company visit, discusses the challenge with company representatives and ensures the quality of the end result.

Form of a cooperation:

  • Before the start of the course will now help writing a problem in about one A4 where LTU support in defining the task which is important for a good result.
  • In the autumn term, in early September, the student groups to get a variety of challenges presented to them. It is an advantage if the company can participate in this presentation to sell their mission, as not all will have the opportunity to participate. Student groups of 2-4 people choose a case was.
  • Work then starts, which means a visit to the company, data collection and analysis
  • In early December is studenrgruppen a first oral presentation of the results at the HET-day at LTU, there are now invited
  • In late January, the final report to be completed and an oral presentation of the company arranged if the desire is

What is required of you as a company:

Besides the company is required to have a somewhat limited challenge related to energy will build a successful result that you are open to provide information to the student group, and assist during visits, interviews, data requirements, and more. Estimated time from the coordinator is that it takes about 0.5-2 hours a week during the course. A confidentiality agreement can be arranged as well if the desire is that the report is confidential.

On several trips and visits to the company that paid for this of you, also if desire is that a prototype should be so is you get production for this.

Examples of results from the previous rounds of the course:

  • Energy audit and energy efficiency of Forest Hotel
  • Reducing nitrogen oxides in the district heating boiler Vaasa Heating, kalix
  • Solution of problems with icing when snow melts on the so-called warm roofs
  • Design of insulation in the construction of collocation of sewage culvert

For more questions and information

Marcus Öhman

Marcus Öhman, Professor and Head of Subject, Chaired Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 491977
Organisation: Energy Engineering, Energy Science, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics