Internship in Marketing and Economics

A class of prospective economists who read the third year perform market analyzes or communication efforts at your company as a internship, either at your own office or in collaboration with a local communications agency. Take the opportunity and create insights about your business in the field of economics or communication.

What result can you expect as a company:

Let a team of students develop and analyze market and communication efforts on your company for ten weeks. Students can either do it themselves or be supervised by a local communications agency. Meet new talents and take care of future opportunities in the field of marketing and communication.

In the VFU course, the course participants will be able to increase their understanding of what it looks like at the workplace and to work with actual tasks that they will meet after graduation.

Then the cooperation goes to:

Students are assigned to formulate and clarify a challenge with you and propose a solution to the problem.

What is required of you as a company:

That you have the time to receive the student group and during the course of the course may be available for questions and data retrieval. That you are open and welcome for new ideas and responses, and that you can attend the student presentations that take place a week before Christmas. The course is given in English and there are usually exchange students in the group, which means that presentations and reports are made in English.

Cooperation with local communications agency

If you want to work with communication-related challenges, you have the opportunity to supervise a student team with one of Luleå's local communications agencies - read more here:

For more information contact:

Kent Nilsson

Kent Nilsson, Senior Lecturer

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