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The Type and Function of Tourist Facilities

Increase the attractiveness and occupancy rate of your tourist location.

The consumer is becoming more aware of their choices. This is especially true when traveling. Developing a quality and competitiveness of a tourist resort today is largely about design and architecture: to visually confirm to the customer that he or she has chosen the right to get value for money and leave the facility as a satisfied customer.

What is the shape and function of tourist facilities?

The program follows a process-oriented approach. This means that new knowledge is built in eight steps, where entrepreneurs learn to make conscious choices suited to their own facility. It is about working with form and function as a starting point, where space, origin and history are included as natural ingredients.

A way to reach doubling goals

Gestaltningen takes off the business concept and is based on customer needs. The purpose of the development program is to raise the entrepreneurial skills and highlight design and architecture as a tool for increased competitiveness, better business and growth.