Thomas Olofsson
Thomas Olofsson, Professor Scientific Director of Attractive built environment Photo: Tomas Bergman

"They worked as a door opener"

Published: 19 May 2015

Thomas Olofsson, Professor of Construction Management and Scientific Director of Attractive Building shares his story on how he collaborates with LTU Business AB.

How did your cooperation with LTU Business AB?

- I was the scientific director of attractive Community building was invited to a meeting with LTU Business network of business developers. Since I have been contacted, together with LTU Business visit companies in Norrbotten and Västerbotten operating in our area.

How many projects have you done with LTU Business AB?

- Together, we have initiated two projects that we are currently developing and trying to scale up to active operations?

What did LTU Business AB for you?

- They served as a door opener and a facilitator, ie the link between companies in the region and research at the university. Together with the companies, we can understand the problems that companies need to solve and formulate research projects that we can apply for funding. Hopefully, the solutions then commercialized through the company or at LTU Business.

How was it to work with the staff at LTU Business?

- T here was simple and unbureaucratic.

How does LTU Business "mindset" differ from Luleå University of Technology, how they contribute to your organization?

- They have a regional network and the knowledge, tools and processes for how to deal with IPR in the research and development projects. We would like to continue working with them in the future.