Håkan Perzon
Hakan Perzon Photo: Lars Andersson

"High focus on creating value external"

Published: 19 May 2015

Hakan Perzon, lecturer in Inudstriell marketing, tells how he interacts with LTU Business AB.

How did your collaboration with LTU Business AB?

- Our cooperation began when the LTU Business visited us in the ETS and Industrial Marketing autumn of 2011. I told Lars-Åke Conny for collaborative projects within the framework of an integration course for Civilekonomerna

How many projects have you done with LTU Business AB?

- In the current situation we have initerat total of eight projects where LTU Business informed, been connected or actively participated. It has moved companies from Älvsbyhus, Vittjärvshus, Outinens potatoes to different municipalities or Sorsele Arvidsjaur.

How has LTU Business AB helped you in your work?

- They arrange contacts, disseminates information on integration - how it is implemented and followed up previously participating stakeholder experiences.

How was it to work with the staff at LTU Business?

- Very easy. It is easy to make contact and to get updated on activities that may have a bearing on, or linked to future integration projects

What distinguishes LTU Business "mindset" from Luleå University of Technology, how they contribute to your organization?

- LTU business puts a high focus on how business can create value externally - both in the short and long term. Our mindset is characterized more by the long term, that is, how students can contribute to value creation externally after graduation. The training period focused heavily on an internal value creation and the students' own learning. There, I think we miss that utilize the potential available in the synergies that arise in that students are more motivated by working with companies.