"I need people that knows the industrial environment"

Published: 23 June 2015

Javier Martin-Torres, professor inom atmosfärsvetenskap berättar om hur han samarbetar med LTU Business AB.

1.       How did you get in touch with LTU Business, how did you start cooperating?

I got in touch with LTU Business through Johanna Bergström-Roos. She is also based in Kiruna, and she is being always fabulous and very helpful. 

2.       How many projects have you done with LTU Business?

I started recently at LTU but I have already interacted with LTU business regarding 3 different topics: looking advice for potential partners for a proposal to develop an instrument for Mars exploration and research within the current European Space Agency´s call; the same but for a different ESA proposal regarding a scientific payload in a cubesat; and the third regarding the procedure to patent an idea that we have in mind.

3.       How did LTU Business help you in your work?

 For the first two projects they looked very promptly for the industrial partners that could be interested, and for the patent LTU Business contacted me in a fast way proposing a date to discuss about it. 

 4.       How was it working with the LTU Business staff?

Very good. I have always found very helpful and knowledgable staff.

5.       What is the difference in the LTU Business ”mindset” in regards to LTU, how do we contribute to your work?

 The research and academic environmental is different to the business world. I need people that knows the industrial environment in Sweden, and can advice me about the best partners, the Swedish laws,..., so that I do not need to spend my time in a, most probably, fruitless search of the right companies to work with, or the appropriate legal procedures... Research itself, and working for proposals and articles is already very time consuming.

6.       Do you intend to keep working with LTU Business in the future.

     ​Yes, for sure. I really need this kind of help. I think that LTU Business help is really appreciated specially for somebody like me coming from abroad. It is a necessary link to integrate foreign researchers and engineers in Swedish business.