"We want to extend our cooperation"

Published: 19 May 2015

Kjell Surprisingly, researchers in the industrial production environment tells how he collaborates with LTU Business AB.

How did your cooperation with LTU Business AB?

- They presented their business with us in a meeting and at the same time I knew that Håkan Perzon conducted successful collaborations with them.

How many projects have you done with LTU Business AB?

- If I calculate correctly, we have now completed four student projects together.

How has LTU Business AB helped you in your work?

- They have identified businesses with the needs and interest of the kind of projects included in our teaching and helped then to the first contacts with the company.

How was it to work with the staff at LTU Business?

- There has been excellent. I receive many collaboration requests beyond those that we realized in the form of projects.

What distinguishes LTU Business "mindset" from Luleå University of Technology, how they contribute to your organization?

- I understand that their main task involves contacts with the business community and municipalities in our environment. For the rest of us, this represents the so-called third task. How do they contribute, I think I have answered the previous points. I hope that we can expand cooperation in the future.