Demola - Super Boost your CV

A Unique Opportunity to Boost Your CV

Demola offers you as a university student a unique opportunity to boost your CV. Work in a team with students who complement your skills solving real problems together with a company. And yep, you get course credits for it.

•    7,5 etcs credits (approx. 200 h working time). See schedule below
•    Work in a multidisciplinary team
•    The ownership of the intellectual property rights to the results of each project           
•    If your partner company chooses to purchase or license your team's creations, you get some money as well
•    A possible future collaboration with your partner company 

Working with Real Cases

Demola teams work on real-life cases together with partner companies to, for example, create and refine business concepts or develop new products and services. All projects are clearly structured and well planned and the teams are supported by dedicated coaches. In other words - co-creation at its best. See fact box for case history.

Demola is a lot of fun but it will require much of you. Your skills will be tested and challenged, but you will also gain invaluable experiences, insights and new contacts and friends. Maybe you will also find your future career.

Who can participate?

All students at Luleå University of Technology can apply for Demola and because we are looking for variety it doesn’t matter which program you are studying or what year you’re in. Demola’s engine is the talent, expertise and ideas that students with different backgrounds have and share.

How do I apply to become a part of the Demola family Spring 2018?

To participate in Demola you apply at before Thursday the 5 of December 16:00. The cases will be released on November 16t ut you can get a headstart and create your profile today. 

You don’t have to apply separately to the course on, your application through our website is enough.

By the 14th of December we'll have gone through your wishes and put together teams that we believe will do a great job together. By then we'll also let you know what team you'll belong to. 

Timeline Fall 2018

Demola runs on quarter-speed lp 1 and 2. The date for the Kick-off is set, the others are preliminary and will be decided within the group.

•    Kick Off : 11th of September
•    Initial Meetings: (1,5h) 12th-20th of September            
•    End-user Workshop: 21st of September 12-17 p.m.            
•    Demola Jam I: 3rd of October 12-17 p.m.   
•    Value Creation Workshop : 12th of October 12-17 p.m.        
•    Demola Jam II: 6th of November 12-17 p.m.                
•    Mid-Pitching Event: (3h) 16th of November              
•    Final Pitch & Graduation: 14th of December
•    Final Meetings: 15th of December

Demola is run by LTU Business as a part of a regional development project financed by Luleå University of Technology, Längmanska företagarfonden, Norrbotten County Council, County Administrative Board of Norrbotten and the European Regional Development Fund. 

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