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Impact Lab - dream summer job at LTU

The application for Impact Lab 2018 is closed.

Impact Lab is the summer job for those who want to develop your ideas and entrepreneurial abilities. You will have the opportunity to work with others in the same situation as you with the help of experienced business developers as support.

Who can participate?

All students at Luleå University of Technology can apply to Impact Lab. Because we want a variety of participants, it does not matter what program you are studying or what grade you are heading. You can search alone or with others.

What am I getting out of it?

All participants are reviewing a development program that will make the idea tested against users and markets, so that you can decide to focus on your idea, redo it or put it down. You can also invoice a sum for the participation you can live in during the summer. The amount varies depending on how many you are around the idea.

Number of seats and compensation

It is not predetermined how many teams will be admitted to the program. Since the participants receive compensation that roughly corresponds to the student, the number of participants is limited.

Access to expertise and financing of your development

Throughout the summer, your team will have access to experienced advisors from LTU Business and other players in the region. Impact Lab also finances the activities you need to move on with your idea.
By the end of the summer you will see what you have achieved for each other and others interested in the region. There may be some kind of financiers or decision makers you need to meet to come forward after the summer.

How do I apply to get a place in Impact Lab?

The application is made via a web form where you answer a number of questions. The form will is accessible above until deadline the 28th of February 2018. By March the 23rd you will know whether or not you have been accepted.

Then you increase your chances

  1. Is your idea sustainable?
    Does your idea contribute to achieving any of the UN's 17 global goals for sustainable development? Check out here:
  2. Book a meeting with Lisa and Johan!
    We answer questions about Impact Lab and would like to talk to you about your idea before submitting your application. Contact Lisa or Johan
  3. Go to lunch lecture
    Lecture will be held February 15th at Career Center, take a look at the event calendar

Admission criteria are

  1. Effect
    What positive effects on the outside world are creating your idea if it is realized?
  2. Feasibility
    Are your goals realistic to reach in the summer?
  3. rethinking
    There must not be anything new, but your idea has to add something new.

Create a team around your idea

The lessons from previous years have shown that they are the ideas that also have a team that gets the best results from Impact Lab. Therefore, there is a greater chance of entering if you are several, but if you are alone about your idea and not yet found a team there is still a chance to come along.
Impact Lab's financiers are: Norrbotten, Sparbanken Nord, the Längman Business Federation and the Arctic Business Incubator.