07:00 6 Nov
Idéacceleratorn 2016

Impact Sessions

6 Nov. 2018, 07:00 - 16:00

Do not miss a fun and creative idea development program in the evening! Sign up before 31 October. Start 6 November

Learn to develop new ideas with Impact Sessions

Impact Sessions is a fun and evolving idea development program for those who want to make a sustainable difference with your driving forces and ideas. The program allows you to experience your own idea journey from start to finish, where the goal is to know how an idea can become a reality. LTU Business runs the content of the program together with its partners, such as the Arctic Business Incubator and others.

Available to all LTU Students

All students at Luleå University of Technology can participate in Impact Sessions no matter what program you are studying or what grade you are heading. You do not need a complete idea, but if you have an idea, you can of course bring it into the program.

Become a cerftified idea developer with LTU Business

You go through a program where you will learn how to develop and develop ideas, test them and understand how they can be realized - when the program is over, you will know if your idea is feasible. Under the program, you can practice your entrepreneurial skills as courage, creativity, collaborative ability and dealing with uncertainty, skills required to realize ideas. After completing the program, you will receive a diploma to add your resume that shows that you have experience in idea development, validation and entrepreneurship.

What is required of me?

The program consists of 5 content workshops where you learn the tools and methods needed to drive the development of the idea as well as 5 work nights where you can get coaching and interact with other participants. All participation is voluntary. In addition to these hits, the program also includes a boot and shutdown. Overall, we think you work on average 4h a week with your idea. The date is (we reserve for possible changes):

  • 6/11 Start-up 17-18.30
  • 20/11 Content Workshop 1 17-19.30
  • 4/12 Workday 17-19.30
  • 11/12 Content Workshop 2 17-19.30
  • 22/1 Workday 17-19.30
  • 29/1 Content Workshop 3 17-19.30
  • 12/2 Working night 17-19.30
  • 26/2 Content Workshop 4 17-19.30
  • 12/3 Workday 17-19.30
  • 2/4 Content Workshop 5 17-19.30
  • 9/4 Workday 17-19.30
  • 25/4 Exit 17-18.30

15 place available - Sign up now!

We have 15 places in the program. We strive for diversity in the group, and therefore welcome everyone to enroll regardless of education programs / years, gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, function variation, sexual orientation and age.

Access to expertise and financing of your development

Throughout the program, you will have access to experienced advisors, including from LTU Business and the Arctic Business Incubator. LTU Business can also fund activities that you need to advance your idea.

At the end of the program there is the opportunity to show what you have achieved for the other participants and others.

How do I register?

Registration is via a web form that you will find at the top of the page. The closing date for the application is 31 October. Kickoff is 6/11 at 17:00.

Do you have questions about Impact Lab Sessions 2018? Listen to johan.bergstrom@ltubusiness.se

Do you want to know more?

  1. Go to lunch lecture
    Lecture will be held October 17th in the A3001, take a look at the event calendar.
    Sign up for the lunch lecture here
  2. Contact johan.bergstrom@ltubusiness.se


Financiers: Impact Sessions are included in the Project Ideas Accelerator, financed by: Norrbotten, Sparbanken Nord, the Längman Business Fund and the Arctic Business Incubator.