LTU Business sommar 2019
Students gearing up for nine weeks as business development consultants with LTU Business. Photo Alex Maxe. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

LTU Business Summer

Brave young minds wanted. Are you an LTU student looking for a summer job out of the ordinary? Join a team of passionate colleagues in developing real cases from idea to solution. Sounds like fun, right?

Brave young minds wanted

A summer job where you get to work with idea development on real cases. Where you are given the freedom to independently run projects against clients with passionate colleagues. Sounds like fun, right? 

About the job

For 9 weeks, you work as a full-time business developer, in team with others. Based on your profile, we match you to assignments and teams. Your task is to solve cases, which come from research, companies, students, a social challenge or a specific industry. You are coached and given tools by experienced business developers. You are hired as a consultant and invoice SEK 50,000 ex VAT for your work.

Different themes

Scroll down to see the themes we can offer. The case that you and your colleagues are working on is in four thematic areas. Tell us in your application your preferred choice ranking 1-3. 

Get industry relevant skills

You'll gain plenty of relevant work experience and skills development.

- The basics of running and delivering projects to customers or clients.
- Tools and methods for idea development, when and how they can be used.
- Planning and conducting market research.
- Validating an idea to a target group to understand the need and business potential.
- To analyze different business models and calculate which is the most profitable.
- Presentation technology. How to pitch a concept, product or service to customers and financiers.
- Ability to cooperate. You work in teams with other students / researchers / companies.
- Your entrepreneurial skills.

And also...

- An experienced business developer who mentors you through your assignment.
- Real case and references to your resume.
- Join a community of passionate business developers, students, researchers, financiers and business leaders who are all driven by a desire to improve the future.

Who can enter

LTU Business Summer is for creative students who are passionate about making a difference. It does not matter what program you belong to or what year you attend. You apply individually and will work in teams with other students. Participants from all campus locations are welcome. The program is based in Luleå.

Apply before 28 feb!

Do you feel that you can contribute with your expertise in, for example, product and service development, business development, marketing, computer technology, technical physics, graphic design or maybe something completely different?

We'd love to hear from you.  Send us your application with CV, personal letter and portfolio (if applicable) to

LTU Business Summer

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Who's backing us?

LTU Business Summer is made possible thanks to funding from Luleå University of Technology, Vinnova, Region Norrbotten, Längmanska Företagsfonden, Kiruna Municipality, Luleå Municipality, Strategic Innovation Program for Mining and Metal Producing Industry (SIP-STRIM), European Regional Development Fund, Sparbanken Nord.