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Space Innovation Summer

Excited about innovation and space? Join Space Innovation Summer to investigate the potential of an idea that is either your own, originating from space research or a space related company.

This summer program allows you an opportunity to try to explore the business potential in a space related business idea. We will mix and match students in team of two that will work together on an idea. If you have an idea of your own, you may apply with it, if not, we will match you with an existing idea from companies or from space research at Luleå university of technology or the Swedish institute of space physics (IRF).

The overarching purpose of the program is to contribute to an increased rate of innovation in the space business and to provide opportunities for relevant and exiting summer jobs.

What is this about?

Space Innovation Summer is summer job, where you and your team will work on a business idea within space business. This applies to you if you are dreaming of a space startup or curious about working on company owned or research-based idea. Your task will be to bring the idea closer to market introduction and commercialization.

You will be hired as a consultant, where LTU Business will be the formal counterpart and the owner of the idea will be your most important stake holder and receiver of your results.

LTU Business will provide guidance and oversee the process which is based on the Innovation Due Diligence™ method.

Space Innovation Summer is closely related to our programs ImpactLab and SummerStartup, with the difference that it is focused on space related businesses (up- or downstream).

What’s in it for me?

This is a paid summer job. At the start of the summer there is a start-week, hosted in Luleå, common for participants in all our summer programs. The start-week is a customized start-your-own-business training to set teams up for the summer. During the summer, teams are responsible for planning and performing their own work, with a weakly follow-up. The daily work will be about gathering data through interviews, conversations, surveys or the web and compiling and analyzing the data. Technical work (e.g., proof-of-concept) may be part of the program depending on the needs of each individual idea. At the end of the program there will be a final presentation and you will hand over your final report.

Who can participate?

All students at Luleå university of technology can apply to Space Innovation Summer.  We promote diverse backgrounds and skill sets and welcome students from all programs and all years to apply. The talent, skills and innovativeness students from mixed backgrounds bring and share are what interests us.

This position will be based in Kiruna or Luleå depending on the idea the team will work on.

How do I apply?

If this excites you and you feel as if you can contribute with your skills, we look forward to your application!  Please send CV and personal letter to