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"I wanted a summer job related to my education"

Published: 14 February 2019

Four questions to Emma Ryttare, who participated in the Startup Summer 2018 program.

1. Why did you apply for Startup Summer?

I searched because I felt I wanted a summer job that is related to my education and I thought the task seemed very exciting but also because I felt that I could develop in something that I would benefit from in the future in my career.

2. What did you get from Startup Summer?

This summer aroused interest in IT issues, but it is also exciting to work in projects that are technically complex and to investigate how to launch it towards a unique market.

3. Do you have tips for the person seeking?

Put in the idea and the product as early as possible - because it makes it much easier for you to ask the right questions to the market.

4. Who do you think should go to Startup Summer?

I think this suits students who want to develop as a person and learn something for their future profession and work with product and service development.