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Article, review/survey

35 years of research on business intelligence process (2021)

a synthesis of a fragmented literature
Talaoui. Y, Kohtamäki. M
Part of: Management Research Review
Article in journal

A maturity framework for autonomous solutions in manufacturing firms (2021)

The interplay of technology, ecosystem, and business model
Thomson. L, Kamalaldin. A, Sjödin. D, Parida. V
The International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal
Article, review/survey

A (Re)view of the Philosophical Foundations of Strategic Management (2021)

Rabetino. R, Kohtamäki. M, Federico. J
Part of: International journal of management reviews (Print)
Article in journal

Accommodation eWOM in the sharing economy (2021)

automated text comparisons from a large sample
Pitt. C, Plangger. K, Eriksson. T
Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, Vol. 30, nr. 2, s. 258-275
Article in journal

AI-enabled business-model innovation and transformation in industrial ecosystems (2021)

A framework, model and outline for further research
Burström. T, Parida. V, Lahti. T, Wincent. J
Journal of Business Research, Vol. 127, s. 85-95
Article in journal

Artificial intelligence (AI) and value co-creation in B2B sales (2021)

Activities, actors and resources
Paschen. J, Paschen. U, Pala. E, Kietzmann. J
Australasian Marketing Journal, Vol. 29, nr. 3, s. 243-251
Article in journal

Artificial intelligence and innovation management (2021)

A review, framework, and research agenda
Haefner. N, Wincent. J, Parida. V, Gassmann. O
Technological forecasting & social change, Vol. 162
Article in journal

Bribery from a micro, demand-side perspective (2021)

Shepherd. D, Parida. V, Wincent. J
Small Business Economics, Vol. 57, nr. 4, s. 1661-1680
Article in journal

Circular business model implementation (2021)

Design choices, orchestration strategies, and transition pathways for resource-sharing solutions
Palmié. M, Boehm. J, Lekkas. C, Parida. V, Wincent. J, Gassmann. O
Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 280, nr. 2