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Division of Social Sciences

The Division of Social Sciences is composed of economics, political science, jurisprudence and history. The division hosts about 25 senior researchers and teachers, and about 15 graduate students. Our vision is to be a nationally leading and internationally recognized environment for interdisciplinary social science research within the natural resources-, environment- and energy field.  Our research is policy oriented, i.e. it should be of use for various policy- and decision makers in society. Division research focuses on two overarching areas;

Why do environmental problems arise and why do our management of natural resources fail? and
How can the problems be solved on a voluntary basis and/or by political means?

The Division is also responsible for huge number of courses and educational programs, for example within the business- and social science areas and in civil engineering- and teacher education programs.

Maria Pettersson
Environmental law professor is the teacher of the year

The teacher of the year – Maria Pettersson, Professor of Law at Luleå University of Technology – has passion for her research, a genuine commitment and cares about the students.

Jerry Blomberg Senior Lecturer, Head of Division
Luleå University of Technology
Social Sciences
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
+46 (0)920 492335