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Humans and Technology

The Division of Humans and Technology consists of several research subjects in which the interaction between people, work and working environment, production and the possibilities technology offer is considered. We are about 60 employees who conduct research and education in the technology and social sciences sector in close cooperation with the surrounding society for a socially sustainable development. Our common denominator is that we place people in the centre and often work interdisciplinary where several subjects participate in our projects.

The department's educational programmes are Industrial Design Engineering, Graphic Design, Sociology and Sustainable Production.

jan Johansson Magnus Nygren Joel Lööw
Fewer mine accidents with new approaches to safety

Accidents in the Swedish mining industry have decreased, but people still get seriously injured and sometimes the worst imaginable happens. Now, researchers at Luleå University of Technology aim to find strategies and ways of improving safety, in a project financed by Vinnova and conducted in close cooperation with the industry.

Jörgen Normark
Jörgen Normark Senior Lecturer, Head of Division
Luleå University of Technology
Humans and Technology
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
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