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Photo: Emma Lindmark
Emma Lindmark Has explored the church's expression throughout history from a norm-critical perspective. Among other things, she has made a portrait of the historical Jesus as he may actually have looked in contrast to the whiteness norm of church history. (From the 2021 student exhibition) Photo: Emma Lindmark Photo: Emma Lindmark View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Graphic design gets top rates

Published: 18 November 2021

The Swedish Higher Education Agency (UKÄ) has given the Bachelor of Arts Program in Graphic Desigh the rating "high quality". UKÄ highlights, among other things, the access to premises and equipment as well as the close informal collaboration with both fellow students and teachers.

Furthermore, it is stated that students throughout the education have the opportunity to work with design assignments for various recipients and stakeholders outside the university. Collaboration with the industry and working life is good. The students gain in-depth knowledge of the social and ethical aspects in the area and learn how to work critically with norms. For example, they may reflect norm-critically on, for example, image and typography choices and create alternative solutions to enlighten, draw attention to or otherwise contribute to changed perspectives.

Good opportunities for student influence

The education has a well-developed system for regular follow-up of the quality of education and there are good opportunities for student influence.

UKÄ shares the university's view that students need more space to develop forms of artistic academic writing in order to develop their artistic judgment. In this context, UKÄ highlights the opportunities for collaboration given by the fact that most of the fine art education and reserach at the university is gathered within the same department, ETKS. 

Great artistic potential at the university

There is great potential for the entire university to develop artistic knowledge, to articulate what it consists of and how it can contribute to society, says Åsa Wikberg Nilsson, assistant professor and excellent teacher.

Lennart Pettersson, senior lecturer, believes that all artistic activity is about interpretation. Students therefore need to become better at analyzing and synthesizing what the artistic consists of, both the concrete content and the interpreted meaning.

By practicing verbalization of theri own artistic process and analyzing their own and others' artistic works and design objects, they become aware of aspects that make them more conscious, and thus better, designers, who know when and why they violate aesthetic standards and how such violations of norms can be used to stand out from the crowd.