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Transformation 2022

The symposium will be held on 17–18 November, and focuses on the opportunities for artistic research to contribute to shaping living conditions and ways of life.

Questions about the environment and climate are occupying an ever larger place in artistic research, often through multi-disciplinary collaborations. Such collaborations often reflect a need to investigate alternative ways of life, now and in the future. They also bear witness of the important place that artistic research occupies in such investigations.

The purpose of this year’s symposium is to open up a dialogue about the role of artistic research in societal transition. How can we develop fruitful collaborations, methods and theories to address the challenges that the future is setting for us? How can we investigate, express and shape the future using artistic means? The symposium will focus on dialogues and workshops, where these questions are asked from different perspectives and using different means.

Our today requires visions of tomorrow, seen from a multitude of perspectives. Artistic research has the opportunity to develop multi-faceted knowledge about the environmental crisis, which takes into account the complexity of the issue. This includes both analysis of existing living environments for a forward-looking purpose, and also understanding of the historical development that has led us to where we are today. We need analyses of the present time, as well as of the past. Sometimes, we must search in history to enable us to look forward.

What new relationships between humans and their surroundings will emerge? What experiences need to be reflected for us to understand how we best can meet an uncertain future? What materials and forms do we want to activate? How do we want to organise ourselves to impact the future we are creating, culturally and materially? 

The symposium, which takes place on 17–18 November, is arranged by the Swedish Research Council in collaboration with Luleå University of Technology, and will be held in both English and Scandinavian languages. 

For questions about the conference:

Practical information

  • Participation in the symposium is free of charge
  • Lunch and dinner is included (lacto ovo vegetarian)
  • For climate reasons we recommend travel by train, please see SJ and VY for booking