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In DEPICT Lab it is possible to perform experiments with different types of equipments, such as video, eye-tracking and biometric measurements (EEG, EMG, ECG, GSR). All sources can be synchronised and used for quantitative experimental research.

By using the iMotions software we have a lab where we can synchronise, visualise and analyse our human behavior research . We can combine and synchronise stimuli with different types of data such as multiple view video recording, facial expression analysis, eye-tracking and biometric measures (EEG, EMG, ECG, GSR).

iMotion synchronization

Technical equipment

The laboratory consists of:

High end EEG 64-channels
One brain products,  actiCHamp 64 channel with actiCap active electrodes.
Brain Vision recorder software and Analyser 2 analysis software.

actiCHamp system small

Mid range EEG 10-channels
An ABM- B-Alert X10 is a wireless mid range EEG system which delivers a balance of functionality and simplicity.

ABM B-Alert X-10

Prototype EEG system 8-channels
Five OpenBCI EEG systems (Cyton Biosensing Board and Ultracortex Mark IV EEG Headset) is an Open Source EEG system used for prototype studies, by students and for the development of applications and products that uses EEG-data.

OPen BCI headset

Wearable eye trackers
Two pairs Tobii Pro Glasses 2 with integrated videocamera for capturing natural viewing behaviour in any real-world environment.

Tobii Pro Glasses 2

Screen based eye tracker 
eye trackers for capturing the gaze point, timing and duration of fixations.
Two Tobii Pro X2-30  and one Eye Tech VT2-XL for large screens.

Tobii X2-30
VR Headset med Eye tracking
Varjo VR-1, a VR-headset with high resolution and eye tracking. And one HTC Vive Pro Eye..​
Varjo VR-1

Six Shimmer EMG units provide a representation of the muscle activity at the measurement site; the unit can also be utilised to monitor ECG (Electrocardiogram), recording the pathway of electrical impulses through the heart muscle.


Simmer EMG
Six Shimmer 3 GSR+ units for capturing the Galvanic Skin Response (measuring the electrical  conductance of the skin)
Shimmer GSR small

Facial Expression Analysis
The Affectiva integrated Facial expression module in iMotion, helps to visualise all emotion and facial channels synchronised with the stimuli on a timeline. 

iMotions logga 200pix