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PhD School in Social Sciences

Welcome to the PhD School in Social Sciences. The aim of the school is to provide a meeting place for doctoral students within different fields of social sciences. Our focus is on issues about social and environmental sustainability.

The school is policy oriented. Our aim is to produce knowledge helping decision makers to make informed decisions. Furtherly, our is objective is to understand and explain societal processes of change and how to handle current societal and environmental challanges: We explore questions such as:

  • How and why do environmental problems develop?
  • How and why do conflicts arise around issues such as land use, rights and sustainability goals?
  • How can the governance of resources be improved?

The school is multi- and cross disciplinary.Doctoral students and senior researchers within Jurisprudence, History, Economics and Political science work together to explore the disciplinary intersections of current research problems in Social Sciencies and Humanities .Though Social sciencies and Humanities comprise the core of the school, we also collaborate with the Tech - Nat disciplines. 

The school focuses on resarch problems such as:

  • Environment
  • Natural resources
  • Energy
  • Land use
  • National minorities
  • Sustainability