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Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts

Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts (STA) consists of around 200 employees engaged in research and education within both technical and social science areas.

The department conducts research in industrial economics, humanities and technology, social sciences, music and theater. The department has a stimulating research environment where we have, among other things, developed a behavioral science laboratory (DEPICT). The artistic branch of the department's activities also offers a creative environment. The Theater Academy is located directly adjacent to the Norrbotten Theater. The School of Music, which is located in Piteå, contains, among other things, Studio Acusticum, one of northern Europe's most modern concert halls.

We have about 260 employees and conduct research in 12 research topics, divided into 4 departments. A significant proportion of the research is externally funded and takes place in close collaboration with society, public actors and the business community. We have about 5,000 students studying our programs and independent courses.

We conduct technical, economic, social science and artistic educations and are responsible for a large number of educational programs.

Thus can tacit knowledge be communicated

A new dissertation from Luleå University of Technology analyzes the graphic designer's creative process, how it is affected by digital and analogue working methods and how the designer's tacit knowledge can be made visible.

Indigenous protection stronger in Canada than in Sweden

Sweden can learn from Canada according to researchers in jurisprudence and political science who have analysed five cases in the two countries where the interests of indigenous peoples are in conflict with those of the mining industry.

Something in the depths – a play about becoming an adult

Bob and Katrina have just moved in together. Suddenly Mimmi rings the doorbell. She introduces herself as area manager and is invited to coffee by the young couple. They drink coffee upon coffee. But how long will she stay? It is the prelude to this year's degree production from the Theater Academy at Luleå University of Technology – "Something in the Deep" (Nåt i djupet), a play about the lifelong project of becoming an adult. The Theater Academy's production is a premiere of the play. The play is in Swedish.

The Swedishization created a culture of silence

Within the framework of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Tornedalians, Kvens and Lantalaiset, a number of research projects are carried out. Two of these, which are carried out by researchers at Luleå University of Technology, were presented at a symposium in Vetenskapens hus in Luleå on Friday 8 April.

Bil i glesbygd
Researchers recommend charging posts in rural areas

The conditions for switching to more sustainable transport clearly differ between different parts of the country according to a research report in economics from Luleå University of Technology. The researchers recommend, among other things, government investments in electrified transport in sparsely populated areas.

Advanced steel and iron production in Norrbotten already 2,000 years ago

Archaeological excavations on Sweden's northeastern border with Finland show that hunter-gatherer cultures in northern Fennoscandia around 0 AD mastered advanced iron-making and steel-making techniques, knowledge that was previously belived to exist only in ancient Rome. The excavations have been made in Sangis, between Kalix and Tornio, and Vivungi about 150 km from Pajala.

Matilda Ntiyakunze
Privatization and public investments in poor areas needed to reduce deforestation

Many developing countries experience severe deforestation due to the forest dependence of the people. According to a new dissertation in Economics from Luleå University of Technology, private forest ownership could help reduce deforestation on community and state owned forests. However, investments in poor rural areas would have a bigger impact on deforestation reduction by creating alternative sources of income

Carl Nolander
New dissertation recommends increased allocation of protected forest

It would be expensive and impractical to increase the proportion of forests used as carbon sinks using taxes as a policy instrument. A more effective way is to increase reserves of protected forests.This is one of the conclusions in a new dissertation in economics from Luleå University of Technology about potential conflicts between ecosystem services, biofuels and traditional raw material use in Swedish forestry.

She comps the breakthrough of female suffrage

This year it was exactly one hundred years ago that women were allowed to vote for the first time in Sweden. Norrbottensteatern draws attention to this with a revue by Emma Molin and Emma Peters from the humor group Grotesco. In the ensemble plays Anna Wedin, who is on leave from her job as a teacher in ensemble, bass and singing at the Academy of Music in Piteå.

Good grade for political science research at Luleå University of Technology

Despite the fact that the research subject political science at Luleå University of Technology is the smallest in Sweden, it is doing relatively well in comparison with the the bigger research environments in Stockholm, Uppsala, Lund and Gothenburg. This is stated in a report from the Swedish Research Council.

Civil society an important player for the long-term unemployed

There is a knowledge gap regarding the role of civil society in integrating people who are far from the labour market according to a new research report. Civil society organisations can help people in the target group through their good insight into their life situation, says Malin Lindberg, professor of gender and technology and one of the researchers behind the report.

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