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Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts

Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts (STA) consists of around 200 employees engaged in research and education within both technical and social science areas.

The department conducts research in industrial economics, humanities and technology, social sciences, music and theater. The department has a stimulating research environment where we have, among other things, developed a behavioral science laboratory (DEPICT). The artistic branch of the department's activities also offers a creative environment. The Theater Academy is located directly adjacent to the Norrbotten Theater. The School of Music, which is located in Piteå, contains, among other things, Studio Acusticum, one of northern Europe's most modern concert halls.

We have about 260 employees and conduct research in 12 research topics, divided into 4 departments. A significant proportion of the research is externally funded and takes place in close collaboration with society, public actors and the business community. We have about 5,000 students studying our programs and independent courses.

We conduct technical, economic, social science and artistic educations and are responsible for a large number of educational programs.

Annette Nylund
Work-based learning on the job is crucial for countries' economic development

Despite the fact that work-based learning a prerequisite for innovativeness and productivity, which in turn is a prerequisite for the competitiveness of the individual company and the prosperity of entire countries, there is a lack of established measurement methods to measure it. A new dissertation in occupational science from Luleå University of Technology shows indicators that are relevant to learning at work and how they affect innovation and productivity.

Carola Strandberg
How to enhance the attractiveness of a city

It has become increasingly important to attract tourists and retain residents, especially for places in sparsely populated areas where traditional industrial jobs are about to disappear. A new thesis from Luleå University of Technology analyses how a place can strengthen its place brand by adapting the message in its communication to the target group.

Anna Näppä
How to make the tourism and hospitality industry a more attractive workplace

To attract, retain and develop the very best employees, companies must have an attractive employer brand. A new thesis from Luleå University of Technology studies how employees in the tourism and hospitality industry interpret and co-create the employer brand. The thesis also contains a study of how employers and HR personnel in small and medium-sized companies work with the company's employer brand, with focus on the employee.

Angelica Lindwall
New dissertation: 3D printing and creativity in space industry

Additive manufacturing, often called 3D printing, has become an increasingly common manufacturing method in industry, not least in the space industry. The new technology is often expected to automatically invite creative solutions. But a new thesis in product innovation at Luleå University of Technology shows that concrete methods are required for the creativity of the engineers who work with 3D printing to reach its full potential

Theresa Eriksson
Business benefits from helping others

Helping others in business, beyond what is required in contracts and other binding agreements, creates positive value for both organisations and individuals. In a new thesis from Luleå University of Technology, Paying it Forward is analysed in the business to business ,B2B,context.

Reforms have increased the differences within Swedish schools

The municipalisation and the independent school reform have made the conditions for teachers in Swedish schools increasingly different according to a study from Luleå University of Technology. “There are clear signs of differentiated conditions for teachers. This applies to everything, from premises to competence development. The conditions depend very much on where a teacher is situated”, says Karolina Parding, professor of sociology.

She hesitated all the way to the final of Idol

On Thursday, November 8, the School of Music in Piteå was visited by Nike Sellmar, Alumnus of the Year at Luleå University of Technology and winner of Swedish Idol 2022. She talked about her journey of discovery in music and her long and winding road to herself. “I lived for many years with the feeling of being stupid, that the only thing I know is music. It was only in high school at Fryshuset that I started to gain some self-confidence.”

Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
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