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Maria Theresa Eriksson
Maria Theresa Eriksson

Maria Theresa Eriksson

Luleå tekniska universitet
Industriell marknadsföring
Industriell ekonomi
Institutionen för Ekonomi, Teknik, Konst och Samhälle


Artikel i tidskrift

Accommodation eWOM in the sharing economy (2020)

automated text comparisons from a large sample
Pitt. C, Plangger. K, Eriksson. T
Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management
Artikel i tidskrift

Functional top management teams and marketing organization (2020)

exploring strategic decision-making
Eriksson. T, Robertson. J, Näppä. A
Journal of Strategic Marketing
Artikel i tidskrift

Think with me, or think for me? On the future role of artificial intelligence in marketing strategy formulation (2020)

Eriksson. M, Bigi. A, Bonera. M
The TQM Journal, Vol. 32, nr. 4, s. 795-814
Artikel i tidskrift

Better together (2019)

Harnessing motivations for energy utility crowdsourcing activities
Flostrand. A, Eriksson. T, Brown. T
Energy Research & Social Science, Vol. 48, s. 57-65
Artikel i tidskrift

The brand personality dimensions of business-to-business firms (2019)

a contentanalysis of employer reviews on social media
Robertson. J, Ferguson. S, Eriksson. M, Näppä. A
Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, Vol. 26, nr. 2, s. 109-124