Thesis published in scientific journal

Published: 22 May 2017

Former student Lisa Thorén Hedin completed her degree in Industrial and Management Engineering in 2014. Today, her results on Community Engagement and Development in the Swedish mining industry has been published in a scientific journal.

– The article is about how mining companies can take greater social responsibility. In my study I did interviews with Boliden and looked at the way they work today and how they can be more effective. There are improvement opportunities in the systematic work in how one can set sustainability goals that are monitored, measured and evaluated, says Lisa Thorén Hedin, who today works as a Project Engineer at Trafikverket.

There are very little data that shows how companies work practically and the case study could therefore fill a knowledge gap within the science. The result has now been published in the scientific journal "The Extractive Industries and Society", which focuses on the socio-economic and environmental impact of mining, oil and gas production. The journal, published since 2014, is already on Norway and Denmark’s national authority list and is indexed in the Web of Science database, which means that it holds a high scientific value level.

Research Benefits

Lisa Thorén Hedin's supervisor, Helena Ranängen, Senior Lecturer in Quality Technology at Luleå University of Technology, saw early on that there was a great potential in using the thesis to write a scientific article.

– Lisa is skilled and had collected empirical data in a good and structured way, which enabled us to write the article. It is also unique that she had looked at the question from the company's perspective. It's great when a student does graduate work that can be research, she says.

As a researcher, your work is valued based on the number of scientific publications you participate in, and Lisa Thorén Hedin, who considers doing research in the future, finds it exciting that the results of her degree project are beneficial already.

– It feels great and is a confirmation that I did a good job on my thesis. Now it no longer only benefits companies, as the study has also been reviewed and can be used in further research, she says. 

Helena Ranängen

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