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Quality Technology monitors recent research

Published: 22 August 2017

In order to keep up to date and to ensure that the education in quality technology is relevant, a group of teachers and PhD students visited a conference in Helsingör the 5-7th of August. The latest research on the subject was presented at the conference.

QMOD (Quality Management and Organizational Development) is the name of an annual international conference that brings together researchers in the quality field and held this year for the 20th time, now in Helsinore, Denmark. Representatives from Quality Technology at LTU have often attended with their own contributions, but although the LTU representation has been quite good, we decided to make it even more massive this time. All employees were invited to network, surveil the latest research in the field and to plan how we can use what we learned in our own research and basic education. In total, nine members of our group members attended the conference. Five articles were presented by Helena Ranängen, Jens Aldenlöv, Peter Söderholm, Bjarne Bergquist and Erik Lovén.

Armed with surveys where different surveillance missions were recorded, we also spread out among the sessions to surveil, report and discuss exciting talks. We then reflected on how the field of research is reflected in our diploma specialization of the Industrial Management programme. We can disclose that topics we today feel are missing but which we are interested in picking up circulates a lot around the digital economy and the ongoing digitization. Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, new business models and large data streams with both numerical and textual information are issues that may increase in the program. We were pleased to note that sustainability issues, both ecological and social, are also given an ever-increasing research focus. Sustainability issues are partly addressed in the compulsory course and throughout the specialization.

The discussions about how we can and should change our undergraduate education obviously had to be given a good deal of time and for that we simply extended our trip for an extra day. The result of the work will materialize in a few years (changing or switching courses is not done quickly in the Swedish system). However, we can disclose that we believe that there is important and central knowledge and skills that we think a quality engineering today is missing. How we can ensure that all students will have these skills is something for our continued discussions. A personal portfolio can be a way, but more if this comes later.

Bjarne Bergquist

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