Linus Thomson
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New PhD student in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Published: 20 November 2019

Linus Thomson is newly employed as a PhD student in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Luleå University of Technology.

What have you worked with before?
– I have a background as an engineer in nuclear submarine maintenance projects in the UK, where I worked with life extension projects that ensured continued operation or replacement of mechanical submarine systems that had reached the end of their operational life. Then I studied Master in Industrial Management and Innovation at Uppsala University and after that I worked as an IT consultant in Stockholm with digitalisation and automation.

What should you work on here?
– It depends on which projects we get granted, but a first article will be about AI and automation.

What is interesting about this particular research topic?
– That there is so much new technology coming all the time and that companies need help to understand how to get the value out of it in their organizations. It is a matter of understanding the development of technology and its possibilities. It feels very interesting to do research about it.

What are your hopes for this job?
– I hope to be able to contribute with research that is actually used in the industry for real.

What do you think of Luleå?
– I moved here for this job and it seems to be a nice city. I like the winter and the snow. I have never skied, but I will try to do it this winter. I like the outdoors and running and cycling.

Linus Thomson

Thomson, Linus - PhD Student

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