Tony Collins, President Clarkson University; Kathryn B. Johnson, Vice President, Inernational Relations, Clarkson University; Inger Niska Ekblom, Luleå University of Technology; Jennifer Cootware, Clarkson University; Christine Bailey, Clarkson University and Roine Viklund, Luleå University of Technology. Photo: Roine Viklund View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Week-long teacher exchange will attract more

Published: 13 March 2018

The Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences at Luleå University of Technology is now working for more people to take the opportunity to visit a partner university through weekly teacher exchanges.

– Many teacher exchanges usually last for a whole semester. It discourages many from applying. Our hope is that weekly exchanges can lead to deeper partnerships and longer teacher exchanges in the long term – but also course development, student exchanges and research projects, says Roine Viklund, Senior Lecturer in History and International Coordinator at the Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences at Luleå University of Technology.

The department has been developing a model for weekly teacher exchanges together with Johnson & Wales University in Providence, USA, for a few years. The model has worked well and now the institution wants weekly exchanges to be made at more partner universities.

– I recently visited The State University of New York and Clarkson University, which we already have established a cooperation with. Both were very interested in participating in shorter teacher exchanges. We will be able to send teachers from the department already this autumn. And many I talked to in the US were very interested in coming to us in Luleå.

What is your main experience from your own teacher exchanges in South Africa, Germany and the United States?
– That students are quite similar to the world regardless of their financial background.

How does a teacher exchange work?
– Our model means a week’s exchange with the focus on getting to know the university that is visited. You teach and attend classes and seminars. Through social activities, you get to know colleagues and you are on excursions to discover what the place has to offer. A week’s exchange also corresponds to a full-week teaching here at home.

Why should employees take the opportunity for a teacher exchange?
– Because it's fun, instructive and stimulating!