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Absorptive capacity, co-creation, and innovation performance (2020)

A cross-country analysis of gazelle and nongazelle companies
Dahlin. P, Moilanen. M, Østbye. S, Pesämaa. O
Baltic Journal of Management, Vol. 15, nr. 1, s. 81-98
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Accommodation eWOM in the sharing economy (2020)

automated text comparisons from a large sample
Pitt. C, Plangger. K, Eriksson. T
Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management
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Agile New Solution Development in Manufacturing Companies (2020)

Huikkola. T, Kohtamäki. M
Technology Innovation Management Review, Vol. 10, nr. 3, s. 16-23
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An agile co-creation process for digital servitization (2020)

A micro-service innovation approach
Sjödin. D, Parida. V, Kohtamäki. M, Wincent. J
Journal of Business Research, Vol. 112, s. 478-491
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and value co-creation in B2B sales (2020)

Activities, actors and resources
Paschen. J, Paschen. U, Pala. E, Kietzmann. J
Australasian Marketing Journal
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Artificial intelligence (2020)

Building blocks and an innovation typology
Paschen. U, Pitt. C, Kietzmann. J
Business Horizons, Vol. 63, nr. 2, s. 147-155
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Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacoepidemiology (2020)

A Systematic Review. Part 1—Overview of Knowledge Discovery Techniques in Artificial Intelligence
Sessa. M, Khan. A, Liang. D, Andersen. M, Kulahci. M
Ingår i: Frontiers in Pharmacology
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Bribery from a micro, demand-side perspective (2020)

Shepherd. D, Parida. V, Wincent. J
Small Business Economics
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Cost-sensitive learning classification strategy for predicting product failures (2020)

Frumosu. F, Khan. A, Schioler. H, Kulahci. M, Zaki. M, Westermann–Rasmussen. P
Expert systems with applications, Vol. 161, nr. 15
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Data-driven predictive maintenance planning and scheduling (2020)

Sedghi. M
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Developing a new BWM-based GMAFMA approach for evaluation of potential risks and failure modes in production processes (2020)

Kolagar. M, Hosseini. S, Felegari. R
International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management