13:00 10 jun
Parul Sharma
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Parul Sharma

10 jun. 2019, 13:00 - 13:45
Luleå, A117, LKAB-salen
Publicerad: 21 maj 2019

Crucial Questions on Leadership, Stakeholders and Conflicts between Goals while Discussing SDGs. Ms. Parul Sharma, CEO for The Academy for Human Rights in Business and soon Head of Greenpeace in Sweden.


There is an incompatibility of Agenda2030 goals, specifically socio-economic development and environmental sustainability. The lecture will focus on some of Sweden’s challenges from both a macro and micro perspective. Are the decision-making stakeholders ready to fundamentally change from “business as usual”? There are effective dis-choices and investments that can be made to move towards development paths that are more synergetic. Hence the leading question for all stakeholders concerned with sustainable development should be “do we have the leadership required for sustainability?”

Short bio

Parul Sharma has many years’ experience in the area of sustainability, human rights  and anti-corruption in high risk markets. Parul is the CEO at the Academy for Human Rights in Business since 2013, which has provided training on CSR related issues to more than 450 companies mainly multinational corporations around the world. She has also worked at the EU Commission DG Aid, Human Rights Law Network, Amnesty Business Group Sweden, Sandvik AB, Stora Enso and as Counsel and Head of CSR Compliance at Swedish Law Firm Vinge. Parul was appointed the Chairperson of the Ethical Council for the Swedish Construction Sector in January 2018. Between 2016 and January 2018, Parul chaired the Swedish governmental Agenda 2030 Delegation.

She is one of the most influential sustainability experts in Sweden, and is regularly interviewed by media and news channels. In 2017 she was ranked the second most influential sustainability leaders, right after the Minister of Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs. Parul Sharma has written numerous articles and books on topics of CSR and human rights. Her most recent book was published by Gleerups publishers in 2015. Her next book will be published by Sanoma Publishers is due in June 2019. This book will focus on the SDG goal 12.