WS9: Networks and coalitions in environmental politics and natural resource management

Published: 8 October 2018


Daniel Nohrstedt (Uppsala University):
Annica Sandström (Luleå University of Technology):

Networks and coalitions are receiving increased attention in environmental social science research. Perceptions of environmental policymaking and management as multi-level, cross-sectorial, and multi-actor processes have pushed the need to explore these activities through the lens of networks.  The role that different types of actor-constellations, beyond formal government, play for policy processes and their outcomes are currently explored across disciplines and research fields. Policy networks, advocacy coalitions, social movements, discourse coalitions, and interest groups are merely some of the many concepts applied to enhance our understandings of critical issues like policy change and stability, conflict and legitimacy, collective action and mobilization, influence and power, in relation to environmental problems. While an increased understanding of these networks is needed to foster the realization of global sustainability goals, our knowledge about e.g. the composition and strategies of actor-coalitions, the interplay between opposing coalitions, and how these interactions are influenced by broader institutional and political contexts, is still limited. Further empirical studies as well as conceptual development are urgently needed to advance the research frontier. This workshop encourages contributions from all scientific disciplines, and diverse methodological approaches, that seek to contribute to a research agenda and furthering our understanding of networks and coalitions in environmental policy and natural resource management.