Lena Abrahamsson and Eira Andersson, Luleå University of Technology.

Rewarded for mining research

Published: 6 December 2013

Lena Abrahamsson and Eira Andersson at Luleå University of Technology have received the SGU medal "Genius and diligence" in the mining industry – a proof that they have reached out with their research, contributed to new perspectives and created a debate about equality in the mining industry.

They have  highlighted issues about workplace culture and good work environment for both men and women in the mining industry – an effort which according to SGU is characterized by both innovation, sustainability and community benefit.

– This is really an honorable award. I feel very proud to have received it, and get new energy to continue our research, says Lena Abrahamsson, Professor of Human Work Science.

– It's great fun and a brave of SGU to show that the Swedish mining industry has gender issues high on the agenda, says Eira Andersson, Senior Lecturer in Human Work Science.

When Lena Abrahamsson and Eira Anderson started their work about eight years ago, was the situation a bit different. The mining industry asked why one would work with gender equality. Today has the "Why?" been replaced with "How?"

– In this way, we see that new knowledge and several years of research collaborations have made a difference. We have demonstrated that gender inequality is a problem for both men and women and the business community and society around the mining industry. Gender equality is an intrinsic part to create attractiveness to industry and to cope with future labour challenges. There is still a great need for research on gender issues in this industry, says Eira Andersson.


Even Pär Weihed, professor at the Division of Geosciences and Environmental Engineeringat at Luleå University of Technology, was awarded for having developed the ore geological research at the university to become one of the leading in Europe. Three of the four recipients came from the LTU.