Eira Andersson

In media: Macho ideals are changing

Published: 29 July 2013

Until 1978 it was illegal for women to work underground. Mining companies have in recent years focused on employing women is the mining industry, but the macho culture is still strong. This says the NSD.


Mining companies are working to recruit women but Eira Andersson, Associate Senior Lecturer at Luleå University of technology gives one aspect that can make the progress stop.
– A large part of the workforce does not work for the mining companies but for subcontractors where the sex ratio is even more skewed. The women are steadily increasing in the mining industry but this may stop because of the entrepreneurial wave where mostly men come into the mine. Subcontractors do not have the same gender requirements so it becomes a bit of a bottleneck and the developments stops, she says to NSD.

Eira Andersson defended 2012 her PhD  thesis "Ore male mystery: An interactive study of gender and tradition in modern mining"