Dep. Head of Innovation and Design, Peter Törlind together with business developer Johan Bergström.

"Idéutvecklarna is this year's most fun course"

Published: 30 September 2014

Are you innovative, have momentum and want to be an entrepreneur? Then the course The Ideadevelopers might be something for you. Get help developing your and other people's ideas and understand the process that separates truly successful entrepreneurs from the rest.

Two years ago business developer Johan Bergström met innovation expert Peter Törlind. Fairly quick they both discovered that they had a common problem. There was no courses at the university for people who wanted to develop their ideas.

Students want to become entrepreneurs

- The problem was that we as business developers always educated people individually and that is inefficient and the courses that the university gave was usually for a specific student group. We used resources from the DARE project, and it allowed us to test out the best way to educate people and develop ideas for two years.

The course The Idea Developers is workshop-based and its strength is that students from diverse backgrounds participate and provide comments. Participants then go out in the community among prospective customers and businesses. Understanding customer needs is key in this course.

- We find that many students at the university wants to become entrepreneurs. One does not want to work in heavy industry after graduation. In this course we will learn the correct process behind the development of ideas. We attack the products, services and innovation, through commercial bouyancy. The Idea Developers is probably this year's most fun course, says Peter Törlind, dept. Head of Innovation and Design at Luleå University of Technology.

The course is in Swedish and runs at half speed. It starts during the study period 2 and is open for late application. Students need not have any prerequisites for participation.
- Many business owners fail to during their first try. The point of this course is to lay a basis for a method to help you to critically assess and develop your ideas. You should also remember that this knowledge will make you more employable. Many jobs are project-driven today, which makes this course critical knowledge, says Johan Bergström, business developer at LTU Business.