Henke Design 2008
Henry always had a smile Photo: Tobias Larsson

In memory of Henrik

Published: 13 October 2014

Henrik Nergård died Oct. 13, 2014 after two years of fighting the cancer. Henry was a valued colleague in the research subject Product Innovation.

Henke will always have a special place in our hearts, he was a person who always had lots of ideas, both at work and in everyday life with colleagues. He could turn the most laborious tasks to easy the through his ideas, where he lived up the mood with a laugh or a funny story so the job could be done..

He was a member of the core team that created Functional Products (now Product Innovation) and had a capacity to understand and translate the needs of small business owners to real projects through the knowledge that exists in academia.

In recent years, it was just what he was doing, he was responsible for DIM and SMAE two projects that convey knowledge from academia to business.

We will miss your smile around the coffee table, your funny whim, the ice drill, the post-it Indian - you left us too soon!

Our thoughts go out to Henrik's family!

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