The University in Almedalen

Published: 30 June 2014

Luleå University of Technology is organizing three seminars on social innovation and equality under Almedalsveckan. The university wants to put the focus on how gender increases the prospects of building a sustainable and attractive community.

- Innovation - ie innovative solutions to identified problems - requires us to think beyond the norms and structures that exist today. Equality is important  because it is challenging limiting beliefs about women's and men's needs and interests. One result is less gender-stereotypical goods and services, another more women innovators and entrepreneurs. Social innovation - that is, new products, services and practices that are social in their funds and / or goal - making it possible for more people to develop and take advantage of the innovations shaping the future of society, says genusvetaren Lindberg.

World increasingly paired

Social innovation is of great importance in new products, services and practices evolve. The world is becoming increasingly paired and human interaction has become a cornerstone of all new products. Both Sweden and the EU has identified research on social innovation as a solution to switch to a more sustainable development and a more efficient utilization of resources.

- Almedalsveckan is an excellent opportunity for Luleå University for reaching out to a large number of relevant social actors to demonstrate the role of research in innovation and social change. Through close collaboration between the university and the community we can develop new innovations that have great social and economic importance for individuals, organizations and society. The hope is to attract more people to take advantage of the university's research and be inspired themselves to cooperate with the university, says genusvetaren Lindberg.

Organizes three seminars

Luleå University of Technology is organizing three seminars on the role of research in innovation and social change. The seminars are presented examples of how companies, organizations and government agencies working together with scientists to best create social change.

- We want to create a social movement for innovations and ways of thinking that stimulates new products and services in Norrbotten. The future is in our common endeavor to build sustainable communities. Therefore, we must develop attractive solutions with a common value for all, says Helena Karlberg from LTU Business who is participating in one of the three seminars.

The three seminars will be held Thursday, July 3 from 13:45 to 16:15 at Café H10 in Gotland. The topics will cover:

- Innovative research on gender in forestry

- Social innovation for equal development of ideas

- The innovation potential in the humanities and social sciences

The partnership is funded by, among others, VINNOVA and the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten.