Jörgen Normark
Jörgen Normark

Jörgen Normark

Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Industrial Design
Humans and Technology
Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences
+46 (0)920 491480
A3510 Luleå



I’m interested in design adapted to the user and how things function – in a way that they really work. To use design and design processes to create products that both look really great and offers the possibilities the user expects in a pleasurable and usable way is really important. Usability one might call it. Also human/user centred design plays a crucial role in the design process from the start. User experience, what the user feels when using a product, not just measureable performance measures, is also very important. All of this might be summarized as interaction design.


My research is often focused around interaction design - human interaction with products and surroundings

An ongoing research project is 'Extended clarinet' - New ways of interacting with musical instruments through sensors and data processing

I have been part of the research project EFESOS - Environmental Friendly efficient Enjoyable and Safety Optimized Systems run by Volvo Cars

My part was WP 1.1 Flexible and adaptive driving information. Task 1. Personalization - So how to customize the driver interface in the best way for individuals or different driver groups to create a safe and enjoyable driving!

I have also been part of the completed project OPTIVe - Optimized systems integration for safe interaction in vehicles


Current teaching

D0037A Design: teori och praktik
D0026A Grafiska användargränssnitt
D7007A Formgivning
D7015A Interaktionsdesign
P0067A Människa-maskin interaktion
P7031A Användbarhet
Handledning i examensarbeten och projektkurser


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