Well-attended events at open house

Published: 9 October 2019

When Luleå University of Technology had an open house, the campus area was filled by high school students, students in adult education and new arrivals who wanted to get to know the university and the programs.

About 1,500 curious visitors had come here and the interest in the courses was great. The program offered many different lectures.

– I think it's the first time I speak to a crowded Aula Aurora, it feels great! If you choose to study here at Luleå University of Technology and after a while you feel that the program you have chosen doesn’t feel quite right, then it is easy to change. We have a wide range of courses, said Pro-Rector Pär Weihed, who held an inaugural speech in Aula Aurora.

Ebba Berggård, Wilma Sandqvist and Moa Erlandsson come from Luleå gymnasieskola. They want to take the opportunity to find out more about the programs, and then compare it with other universities.

– It feels like a very good opportunity to see what it looks like here at the university and what you can study here, says Wilma Sundqvist.