Want to strengthen cooperation with the university in Augsburg

Published: 6 December 2018

Linda Wårell and Roine Viklund at Luleå University of Technology recently visited the partner university in Augsburg, Germany, to further strengthen the good exchange between the two universities.

The Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences, ETS, has a long history with Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, which is one hour's drive from Munich. For example, economics students at Luleå University of Technology have the opportunity to take a Double Degree and to conduct foreign studies there. Every year, the university also receives several students from Augsburg.

Linda Wårell, Associate professor of Economics, and Roine Viklund, Senior Lecturer in History at Luleå University of Technology, visited Augsburg at the end of November to discuss an extended student and teacher exchange.

– We met, among other things, one of our students who are now in Augsburg and he was very pleased with his stay. To develop our cooperation in student exchanges, we are now working on ETS to find solutions to enable students in the International Economics program to travel to Augsburg within a course. From the ETS side, we also work more widely to allow more of our students to go to Augsburg. This message was something welcomed by our German colleagues who would like to see more students from Luleå University of Technology on their courses, "says Roine Viklund.

– We also discussed possible exchange of teachers in economics, which the Germans were very positive about. Hopefully, an economist from Augsburg will be in our classroom next year, says Linda Wårell.

The trip also included a study visit to the concentration camp Dachau.