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Nina Edh Mirzaei, Assistant Professor Jönköping University

Published: 22 November 2016

Nina Edh Mirzaei is a member of the Advisory board for the regional initiative Automation Småland and of the European Operations Management Association (EurOMA) board.

She has a Master’s degree in Production systems from Jönköping University, and an interest in manufacturing, production and production development. Her research focuses on the implementation process of manufacturing strategy in small and medium sized enterprises (SME). Edh Mirzaei’s interest in human interactions has significantly influenced her research where focus has been on the individuals in the operations function. While the PhD project centered around manufacturing strategy formation and strategic consensus among workers and managers, she currently works within the ProdHög research project, funded by the Jönköping Region, where she studies critical factors for sustained competiveness for companies in a high cost environment. Edh Mirzaei is also engaged in social sustainability, industrial networks and production innovation, in particular how workers participate in innovation processes.