Session structure

Published: 4 May 2016

In addition to plenary sessions, the conference is organized in four tracks with five parallel sessions (Part 1-5 in the program) in classrooms nearby. The four tracks are:

1.     Education and teaching in IEM (including innovation and design management) areas, 

2.     Research in IEM, 

3.     PhD studies in IEM, and

4.     Emerging themes (mixed within Education, Research and/or PhD studies)

A session is 60-90 minutes and covers one, two or three subjects. It starts with an introduction and presentations prepared by the session chair and session presenters. The idea is that the presentations will inspire to fruitful workshop discussions in smaller or larger groups, typically half of the session time.

The presentations (PowerPoints etc) will be available as pdf files (link to Box) after the conference. Each session is also documented by a session facilitator (students), taking notes, photos, and facilitating practical issues. The notes and photos will available via Box as well.