Students contribute to a sustainable construction industry

Published: 31 May 2017

In order for Swedish construction companies to remain profitable in the long run, sustainability issues need to be prioritised. Students at Luleå University of Technology have developed solutions in twelve different projects.

This week, students in Master Programme in Industrial and Management Engineering presented their work from the Integral course Business Administration and Integration project business, logistics and quality. The twelve projects that have been developed in a sharp environment have led to concrete development proposals for the industry and the participating case study company Edito Bygg & Entreprenad. The focus has been on business development in small and medium-sized enterprises in the construction industry, in terms of sustainable development. Many of the proposals presented have therefore dealt with how companies can reduce resource solving and how new technologies and new ways of working can enable more efficient production and thus increase profits. One of the groups presented a control systems for planning and storage that can minimize waste of both time and resources.

– The effects of implementing this would lead to a saving of resources and reduce of transport, which is the basis for a more sustainable company. This would lead to more profitability in the long run, says Jonathan Hadd, student in Master Programme in Industrial and Management Engineering at Luleå University of Technology.

Erik Ranängen, CEO of Edito Bygg & Entreprenad, says that reduced resource solvency, sustainability and quality are important issues to make them more attractive to both employees and customers.

– We have introduced daily management in our projects and have today received great suggestions on how to take the next step. All groups have touched areas that are of interest to us, even though they do not have a background in the construction industry. Now we will put down and prioritize what things we will tackle first, he says.


Fredrik Backlund

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